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Bardukh Vardanyan "In the forest". - Sar Gallery
Bardukh Vardanyan "In the forest". View larger

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Bardukh Vardanyan "In the forest".

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Bardukh Vardanyan
In the forest
43×61 cm

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Bardukh Vardanyan

1897 – born in Western Armenia.

Until 1915 – studied at Armenian college in Constantinople.

1915 – moved to Romania, studied at Fine Arts Academy of Bucharest.

1923-1925 – lived and worked in Detroite.

1926 –  moved to Paris, exposed at Automn Salon and awarded the exhibition silver medal.

1946 – immigrated to Armenian SSR.

1947 – was exiled to Siberia for 10 years.

1987 – died.